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Flynndie Reviews - Blog #23: The Low Suns - Never Gonna Care EP

Written 23rd January 2012:

The Low Suns – Never Gonna Care EP

The Band: Jack Berkeley (vocals), Ali Boyd-Brent (guitar), Si Clark (guitar/bass) James Durrant (keyboards/bass), Jarrod Pizzata (drums)

Today’s review comes from a new band I’ve only just recently come across via Twitter, The Low Suns, and the release of their debut EP the download only ‘Never Gonna Care EP’. Now at present, to be honest, I don’t know a great deal about the band but I will try and cover what I do know about them so far and of course try and do their debut EP some justice with this here review. Originally from LA, this five-piece band formed after a fire destroyed the recording studio used by childhood friends James and Ali, before moving back to London and subsequently meeting lead-singer Jack Berkeley through their shared passion for folk music. The band have moved on to big things quickly having previously supported Coldplay on tour and have now followed this up with the release of their debut EP, so let’s dip into it and discover what the band’s sound is all about then.

Track Listing

1. Never Gonna Care
2. Carnival
3. So Tired
4. Cyber Gospel

Opening with an upbeat electronic melody and the distinct, almost falsetto-like vocals here from Jack on opening title track ‘Never Gonna Care’, it’s quite clear from the start that the band aims to create a large and unique sound, something I feel their certainly achieve with this track. The electronic melody carries this track along nicely, before reaching the catchy, guitar-backed chorus with Jack’s high-pitched voice repeating the track’s song title throughout. It’s actually quiet an easy-listening track and even features almost ‘gospel-like’ vocals from the band towards the end of the track and overall gets the EP off to a good start.

‘Carnival’ follows next and starts with another electronic beat to it, albeit, a little less distinct than the electronic melody used on the opening title-track and Jack shows how much range he has to his vocals here, initially sounding a bit like Bono at the start of the first verse in my opinion, but certainly coming more into his own unique style by the time we reach the track’s loud, anthem-like chorus it’s certainly catchy to say the least. Getting started with a repeated light-synth jingle, ‘So Tired’ is the 3rd track on the EP and probably the most easy-listening track so far. With synths and percussion flowing smoothly from James and Jarrod on this track, Jack gives another master-class in crisp, clean, powerful vocals as the band capture yet another big sound here; this track could easily be a single in itself.

Final track ‘Cyber Gospel’ is a bit of a slowed-down burner to close the EP, again with gentle guitar and percussion steadily carrying the track’s cryptic lyrics, softly sung here by Jack, before the crescendo of another epic, catchy guitar chorus and vocals that tend to be a feature of this EP overall. It’s a suitable closing track to what is an impressive debut EP, one that certainly hints that there could be great things yet to come from this London-based quintet who obviously put a great deal of care and passion into their music and I going to rate this EP 8 Sunrises out of 10. So certainly worth downloading and checking them out at some point, it will be interesting to hear what grand sound the band builds around Jack’s very distinct and impressive vocals in my opinion upon a release of a full debut album later this year at some point.

Sunrise, Sunset ‘Flynny’

Track 1 ‘Never Gonna Care’

Track 2 ‘Carnival’

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