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Flynndie Reviews - Blog #5: Reverend and the Makers - A French Kiss in the Chaos

Written September 2009:

Ahoy there pop pickers!!

Right it's been a while but welcome to Blog #5 of Flynndie Reviews. Possibly the reason for the delay is that I try and review albums that I think you may not already have or already heard, so while 'big hitters' like ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and ‘Muse’ have returned with new offerings recently, which your likely to have already heard, I've decided to review the 2nd offering from 'Big' Jon McClure aka ‘The Reverend’ aka ‘Reverend and The Makers’ and their 2nd album 'A French Kiss in the Chaos'!!

Reverend and the Makers - A French Kiss in the Chaos

Ok, so let me begin by saying now that if you haven't already got the 1st Reverend album 'The State of Things', buy it, burrow it, nick it, download it, whatever, just get hold of a copy of it, cause it's a great, fun, fucking sing-along of an album, one of those sort that you put on, on a Friday night before having it large all weekend!!! Bit of a soundtrack for me and my mate Bomber already this summer at the Oasis Wembley gig (sob-sob I'm still gutted about the split, well not that much)!!

So onto the new material, and a bit of a heads up as well, if you never really followed Jon McClure before, believe me he is well political!! Ok, so the album opener 'Silence Is Talking’ was a recent single, I believe, and great way to kick things off. It starts with a proper Indie guitar riff, before fusing into a ‘Happy Mondays’ dance vibe, needless to say I fucking like this tune!!

We then move onto 2nd track 'Hidden Persuaders' and if you hadn't already picked up on political vibes already, you'll realise that ‘The Rev’ isn't shy at taking a pop at how commercialism tends to dictate modern day English society, controversial I guess, but he says it all whilst writing such fucking good tunes to back them with at the same time, another decent track in my book.

'No Wood Just Trees', is alright as well and then we move on to a personal favourite of mine 'Professor Pickles', another catchy tune with a mesmerising drum loop beating all the way through the heart of it. The album has a couple of slower, acoustic offerings in the middle of it, before we get to real stand out track 7 called 'Manifesto/People Shapers'.

As you will no doubt guess The Rev is really on his soapbox by now, but fuck me can he put a tune to his rants?! As the title suggests this is actually two tunes merged into one, 'Manifesto' is good stuff, but when he starts going into 'People Shapers' words cannot describe the fucking genius of this guy!! Seriously, I love this track and it comes highly recommended, too political for a single I would say, but try and get hold of it.

'Mermaids' is another rocky, catchy indie driven track, before 'The End' follows, and finally the album closes with its 10th track 'Hard Time for Dreamers'. Probably one of the few tracks I don't really like on the album, mainly because the content of the lyrics are too depressing, even for me so I don't tend to listen to this one!

So in summary, as you can tell I quite like this album, but when you stand it up against the debut album it not quite as good, and not quite as fun with it's political under (or should that be over?) tones, but overall I gonna give it 8 French Kisses out of 10, so recommended, but get the debut album first!!

Not sure what's up next, let me know if there is anything you would like me to review that you may be considering in the future.

Professor ‘Flynny’ Pickles!

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